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Imagine Being Able to Respond to Your Child’s Mental Health Distress and Help Build Their Coping & Resilience

I want to share with you a simple 5 step process so you can guide your child through their distress, worry less about their mental health and watch them become more focused. The process you will learn has been used to help thousands of parents better manage the challenges their kids face every day.


Connecting with the community

We are a NSW based organisation, and are all about reconnecting young people to the communities in which they live, locally and across Australia through our services.

Girl with Mum


Clinical Consulting

  • Policy development
  • Program/course design
  • Risk assessment
  • Clinical supervision
Help, support, advice & guidance


Training and Education

  • Therapeutic engagement
  • Crisis response and intervention
  • Certified training guidance
  • Subject focussed workshops
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Coaching and Mentoring

  • Parents, teachers, carers
  • Police and emergency services
  • NGO’s contract compliance

We value Integrity, Innovation, Compassion and Community.

EquiEnergy Youth is dedicated to preventing youth suicide, self-harm and acute psychological distress globally through healthy community connections.